Synthetic Rattan Furniture cover wide range of usage in clubs, restaurants, outdoor terrace, beside swimming pools.

Dictionary Definition of Classic
Of acknowledged excellence and importance

Pact Bond's Definition of Classic
Timeless pieces of art that are completely affordable for those who appreciate finer furniture.

Dictionary Definition of Durability
Capable of lasting and resisting wear.

Pact Bond's Definition of Durability
Furniture that is not only beautiful but also able to withstand UV rays and wet conditions as well as stress and scratches.

Courbé Relief.....
Dictionary Definition of Relief
Alleviation from pain or distress.

Pact Bond's Definition of Relief
Providing customer satisfaction through the most comfortable range of tables and chairs.

Regency group Casual.....
Dictionary Definition of Casual
Informal and unconcerned. Not ceremonious.

Pact Bond's Definition of Casual
Relaxation indoors and outdoors with no worries or stress

Monaliza Table Capri Table


Bathroom & Vanity Tops

Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Laminated Glass